Monday, July 28, 2014


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one. Love the print of this Kimono. This would be super cute paired with a crop top and denim shorts.

two. This Limited Edition Topshop Lace Top is amazing! I love this top with the matching lace skirt! So cute!

three. This Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip Crossbody Bag is super cute and on sale until August 3rd for the Nordstrom #nsale. Total deal!

four. The Wrap Scuba Skirt has been one of my favorite trends this summer. Need it!

five. Lately I've been really loving statement necklaces. This J.Crew Floral Necklace is a gem plus, it's on sale. Double score!

six. This Denim Oversized Top is a great transition piece into the fall season.

seven. These Nude Double Strap Heels from Topshop are another great piece to transition from summer to fall.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


These past few months have been crazy! Between managing Arreis, doing social media marketing for Portland Fashion Week and Wildfire Fitness and trying to maintain a tiny social life, I've been beyond busy!It's stressful and sometimes I want to throw my phone into the Willamette but I love it! Especially when I see the fruits of my labor paying off- like getting a new client! Yay!

Aside from my position as the Social Media Manager for Portland Fashion Week, I am also in charge of this seasons' Style Collective which, if you've been following Downtown Glamorous from the beginning, you'd know that I began my journey with Portland Fashion Week as a member of Style Collective! Having the opportunity to oversee the SC is a huge honor and super important to me.

If you are a blogger or style influencer living in the Pacific Northwest I definitely recommend that you apply for the Style Collective! Not only do Style Collective members receive front row seating to all shows but they also get access to the Haute Suite and Gifting Lounge, an invitation to a private brunch at the nicest restaurant in PDX, access to designers and buyers for exclusive interviews and pictures AND VIP access to all the parties and more!It's pretty much the coolest thing ever! Ha!

Interested? Apply here.

Monday, June 23, 2014


It's always really interesting to see the number of people who start businesses without creating a Branding Blueprint. Yes, branding is your logo, your color palette and your business cards but it's also so much more.

BRAND is the identity + personality of your business. It's what people say about your company when you aren't around and it's rooted in other people's perception.
BRANDING is what you do or don't do to give people that perception. For example, tweeting with a joking tone on Twitter is an example for branding because you're giving your audience the perception that your company culture is fun and witty.

Whether visual or written, branding gives the public its first impression of your business - it has the power to set your company's professional standards, separate you from your competition and build trust and familiarity with your audience. Super important.

When thinking about your company brand here are some tips for creating a successful Branding Blueprint:

THINK.  Before you start working on logos and colors schemes, it's important to first think about the  kind of message you want to give your audience with the content and images you share. Here are a few questions to think about:
  •     What is your market?
  •     Who is your audience?
  •     How do you want people to perceive your business? What feelings do you want to evoke?
  •      What are your company's core values?

CREATE. Once you've defined your brand you can begin to create branding materials such as:
  •     A company voice + tone that reflects your brand
  •     Website, color palette, fonts
  •     Logo
  •     Tagline
  •     Marketing materials
  •     Social media bios

CONTINUE. After creating your brand voice and materials, it's important to be consistent and stick to them. Branding can only build trust and familiarity with your audience if you are consistent and stay true to the brand you developed. As a company, it's important to evolve and get better with time but it's a whole different story to continuously change the overall image and feel of your business.


Whether you are an established business or just starting out, having a cohesive Branding Blueprint is an essential part of a business’s success. Branding isn't just about creating an image or perception in people's minds, it's about understanding and defining your brand and making sure that everything you do aligns with that message.

Do you have any helpful branding tips? Feel free to comment below.